Hello again.
One of the motives that made me want to use Fvwm was the “promise” of being able to group windows into tabs, as it’s a function I really need.
FvwmTabs, aside from the complexity of installing it (didn’t have the perl modules required, and as I don’t have internet connection available at home, it took me some time to get it running), is a bit…errr…annoying, as it seems to mess my configs.
The FvwmTabs window totally ignores the click-to-focus behavior (my personal choice) and also seems to mess with opaque window moving (at least with Gulivert’s OSX-Milky setup)
Is there any other way to have tabs working?
Thanks in advance.

Google for ‘fvwmpartition’ – it might do what you want. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam