Taviso's config - lite version :)

This is my config. It’s based on well-know taviso’s.
I removed transparency, panel hiding, root menu, launch menu and some other features which I find useless. The point of this config is to be very fast and as useful as possible.
With Alt+Esc you get great FvwmProxy feature, on the right panel are many useful apps. This system monitor is xosview. My calendar app is xcalendar. For zooming I use dynamag - it’s a nice little application which supports realtime zooming.
You may ask why do I use so many old Win95/98 style colors… this is because all my app have this theme. This look is a kind of standard. This way all my apps look the same (well, almost :wink:).
I use Slackware 11 and I wrote some useful scripts.

.fvwm2rc - rafb.net/paste/results/hWHmKO59.html
xcalendar.fvwm - xcalendar show/hide - rafb.net/paste/results/GdzSz361.html
~/.bash_profile - starts X right after loggin in - rafb.net/paste/results/nNBhy265.html
~/.bashrc - rafb.net/paste/results/xy0Zn530.html

Very nice screenshot. You make realy functional and butiful config.
My ugly English

I made this config even smaller (from 480 to 325 lines)!
Some stuff is dropped, like minizing (iconifying), showdesktop button, windeco buttons, thumbnails, useless panel border-buttons etc.
Window title is centered now.

There are no wnidow buttons now, so use these mouse commands:
To maximize: mouse wheel up
To close: right button
To shade: double left-button
FvwmIdent: middle button