The very same alt tab like in microsoft windows ?


I would be interested by the very same alt tab like in microsoft windows.
This code from adam doesnt do the job.

Since a single press of ALT TAB just switch to the previous focused windows
eg: win1 win2 win3 win4

single press ALT TAB
single press ALT TAB
win 1

if you hold halt tab, you may “scroll” the other win3 and win4 too and so on

[code] SetEnv DIR Next

AddToFunc FocusRaiseAndStuff
+ I Iconify off
+ I Focus
+ I Raise

AddToFunc SwitchWindow
+ I $[DIR] (CurrentPage, !Iconic, !Sticky) FocusRaiseAndStuff
+ I Deschedule 134000
+ I PipeRead `[ "$[DIR]" == "Prev" ] && \
echo 'SetEnv NDIR Next' || \
echo 'SetEnv NDIR Prev'`
+ I Schedule 700 134000 SetEnv DIR $[NDIR]

Key Tab A M  SwitchWindow[/code]

… like in windows !

If by “adam” you mean me, then note that:

  1. My name is Thomas, Adam being my surname.
  2. You don’t cite where this mythical code is.
  3. I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to have written anything which resembles how MS-Windows does alt-tab functionality.

To do what you want, you’d have to patch FvwmButtons. I did write such a patch, but it still needs improving.

– Thomas Adam

– Non fvwm
You take bit too close things, man, easy/dont stress yourself that much. It was from : … q.html#WC2
The post was from Thomas Adam, and not Adam. Sorry:
it is said as follows:

FVWM Cookbook FAQ July 2007: I no longer maintain this document. It now resides on the FvwmWiki found here: but I keep this here as an historical note only. -- Thomas Adam.
– Fvwm
I think I got it fully patched my fvwm already… I will give a look I think I did that fvwmbuttons too but not sure.
Thanks again !!

You ever tried compiz fusion? that’s also a very cute windows manager
but takes too much ressources

Not at all — getting my name wrong is going to cause offense.

I never released it, so you won’t have it.

I know of it. Compositing window managers don’t interest me though.

– Thomas Adam