Thomas Adam's Config

Well, as there was such a renewed interest in my config, I thought I’d provide you with an update. One or two things have changed for sure. I still use all the main applications as I had listed in my original post — they’re just laid out differently.

Here’s a screenshot: … -10-28.png

Here’s my updated config repository:

The FvwmButtons instance spaws two sets of programs – both of them are xmem and xosview. The first two are for my workstation, the second two are for my server. Across from that, there’s xlassie, from before.

Not that exciting, really. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Wow. Another update. What possible fun and exciting functionality have I added this time around, I hear you cry…

Not a lot. Just a few updated internally. I did however add an edge command for the bottom part of the screen that iconifies (toggles) my FvwmButtons instance. In so doing, any previously maximised windows used up the space agained, and then return to their original size when the FvwmButtonsBar deiconifies.

You can find it here:

– Thomas Adam