thumbnails and calculation

Hello all.

I’ve got my Fvwm pretty much set up as I wanted it. I’ve also set up the expose/thumbnailing system thanks to Sascha and Taviso.

What I’d like to do is have the thumbnail reflect the actual size of the window, instead of all of them having a set height/width. So instead of making the thumbnail have a width of, say 128, I’d like it to be, say, one tenth of the actual size.

My function now has this part:

thumb $[] 128 cache.$[].png

But what I’d like to do is something like:

thumb $[] '$[w.x] / 10' cache.$[].png

I’m not sure what the correct syntax would be, however. Anyone have an idea?

Most of the imlib2 C scripts posted on this forum preserve the aspect ratio of the window that was iconified. I know this because I had to purposely change the script so that I could get fixed width/heights for every thumbnail regardless of the dimensions of the window (that’s the way I like it).

Yes, I have no problem with the ratio. What I wanted to do was choose the size of the thumbnail depending on the size of the window. I’m sorry if I was unclear about that.

This way smaller windows would have smaller thumbs, and the thumbsize would reflect the actual size of the window.

See viewtopic.php?t=349

I use the following configuration:

*FvwmThumbnail: Refresh 0
*FvwmThumbnail: Debug 0
*FvwmThumbnail: Mode Auto

*FvwmThumbnail: Directory /dev/shm

*FvwmThumbnail: Class All, Factor 0.125
*FvwmThumbnail: Class All Command "WindowId %w WindowStyle EWMHMiniIconOverride, MiniIcon %i, IconOverride, Icon %i"
*FvwmThumbnail: Class All Overlay "+10+10"

*FvwmThumbnail: SkipList xmms FvwmButtons ROX-Panel ROX-Pinboard tvtime gkrellm
*FvwmThumbnail: GenerateOn focus_change, raise_window, deiconify
*FvwmThumbnail: DeleteOn destroy_window

Factor 0.125 makes all Thumbnails 1/8 of their original size, I also use “DeskTopScale 8” and “MiniIcons” with my pagers, so I get window thumbnails in the pagers.

I use Onosendai version of the Imlib2 Sascha script on the thread:

It works fine ; for example, if you want:
a thumbnail 13% the initial size : thumb window_id 13% test.png
You can also fix a definite size: thumb window_id 80x80 test.png
or a definite width: thumb window_id 80x test.png
or a definite height: thumb window_id x80 test.png