Thumbnails-like pager?

Sorry guys for opening another thread, but I just had to :frowning:

Can someone of you please post me links to forum threads in which it is explained how to force pager to show true screenshots of desktops it shows? I was searching troughout the forums but can’t find anything usefull…

I don’t need explanation, but just some pointouts at other threads or links I should read trough before setting my own thumbnails pager.

Showing true screenshots in the pager isn’t something you can just turn on with an option.

If you were to use fvwm event to take screenshots every time focus changed, you could probably emulate it; however, you’ll take a serious performance hit.

Then there is the issue of what to display in the pager for desks/pages other than the current one. You can’t take a screen shot of an application that is off the screen, so even if you had the current page up to date, you’d have a bit of a mis-represenation of your other desks.

I’d be interested in what solutions you come up with if you proceed with this.

It has already been done, a bit of rummaging in the Screenshots & configs section should turn up a few examples, most probably with config (and the scripts used to get the effect)

I’m not sure it’s on this forum. I saw it in the gentoo forums. I’ll see if I can find it