how I can make transparent thumbnails? someone knows?

Add “IconAlpha 50” (for example) to your colorset.

ok thx I didnt think of that

hmm I still didn’t got it to work
SetEnv fvwm_icon_size 70
DestroyFunc Thumbnail
AddToFunc Thumbnail

  • I Raise
  • I ThisWindow (!Shaded, Iconifiable, !Iconic) PipeRead “$[FVWM_USERDIR]/scripts
    /thumb $[] $[fvwm_icon_size] /dev/shm/icon.tmp.$[].png $[w.miniiconfile]
    && echo Layer 0 0”
  • I Iconify

DestroyFunc DeThumbnail
AddToFunc DeThumbnail

  • I ThisWindow Layer 0 4
  • I PipeRead “echo WindowStyle Icon \$\[Icon-$[]\]”
  • I Exec exec rm -f /dev/shm/icon.tmp.$[].png

*FvwmEvent: deiconify DeThumbnail

This will remove gaps when de-iconifying an application

AddToFunc DeiconifyAndRearrange

  • C Iconify off
  • C All (CurrentPage Iconic) PlaceAgain Icon
    AddToFunc IconFunc
  • C DeiconifyAndRearrange
  • M Raise
  • M Move
  • D DeiconifyAndRearrange

so where overhere I will put the iconalpha I know maybe it will sound a little lame but… heh I copied and paste that function

it’s something like this:

Style * IconBox 870 34 100 -15, Colorset 13, HilightColorset 14,

now, just change your colorset (13 and 14 for me)

Colorset 13 fg black, bg black, IconAlpha 40 Colorset 14 fg black, bg black, fgsh white, IconAlpha 40