I am interested in using a much more complex and functionally rich taskbar or tool bar on my desktop. Does anyone have one that they prefer or just really like?

I have gleaned that there are quite a few ways to do this, but I am wondering what everyone out there is using…

I’d just like much, much more functionality than what is given in the basic FVWMTaskBar module - I am not averse to using a totally new application as the taskbar… if that kind of thing is possible :slight_smile:

I want it to work with FVWM, but it doesn’t necessarilly need to be part of FVWM.

Any thoughts, by anyone, would be greatly appreciated

Thanks alot,

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What is it you want from it (you haven’t said). I use FvwmButtons + FvwmIconMan. Together that’ll do pretty much anything.

– Thomas Adam

:blush: uh… sorry about that :slight_smile:

The type of things that I am thinking about are the following (but not limited to this list) :slight_smile:

  1. I want to be able to have icons that can update themselves… kind of like in MSWindows, how the icons in the bottom right can update themselves, change their states. Example: something that would keep an update of the number of new email that I have. A 3 could update to a 4, etc. Or zomething that could change colors from red to black depending on the state of the application that the icon is representing (from red to black or something).

  2. Be able to have text sections that I can change/udpate using a gui or something - think of like a “thought of the day” section, or a task list of things I need to do today.

  3. Something whose color/text/etc could be changed, so it isn’t static in appearance or whose defaults isn’t the only way it has to look.

  4. I wouldn’t mind even something that would allow for little pop-ups to appear out of one of the icons.

I know that this is alot, and it might actually be outside the scope of the toolbar/taskbar manager, but I had to ask.


I use the program: xlassie, to do that, hence:

The number you see there, is xlassie telling me I have zero emails on my server.

xpad? You could have an FvwmButton instance whereby you just use a textfile, or something, that updates the FvwmButton’s title entry.

You can use a script to randomly update the colorset attribute of FvwmButtons – it would have to be reloaded though, and hence might flicker.

If you use FvwmButtons, then you can define the ‘ActionOnPress’ attribute.

– Thomas Adam

Thomas –

You are the man! Thank you, oh Oracle of all that is right and good.