Tough Request

As i said on my previous post, i’m really interested on the whole fvwm hacking thing.

However, i have no idea how to start. The tips i recieved so far helped me out a lot on terms of figuring out what fvwm is about. I see it is much different from other WMs and have millions of possibilities.

That is the problem. My fvwm2rc file is so messed up and confuse i cant make out what does all that stuff means. So, here is my request: Could any1 post (a link or self-made) a config file that has it all layed down? I know it is too much to ask, but isnt there any config file that “teaches” how to make a .fvwm2rc from scratch? I’d like to know what is actually needed, how to configure the modules, the background, and what all the functions mean. but right now i cant, coz it is all piled up in a sea of options and confusion.

so, bottom line, i want a .fvwm2rc file that has all the options (or the most important ones) and teaches how to use and configure them. One that shows with clarity how to build a great desktop bottom up.

Maybe it is too much, and maybe i’m a newbie that dont get the fun in finding things out by my own^^ But, i’m gonna have much more fun when i dominate fvwm whole (or a good part of it).

Well, i hope the Christmas Spirit is in some of you^^

Merry Christmas to you all :smiley: :smiley:

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Heres a link to a config from scratch guide from our very own nick fortune.

Alot of new people start here.