Transparency using fvwm-metisse


As my first post, before getting to the nitty-gritty of my question, I’d like to say that I’ve been an on/off lurker on here for a while and I’ve learnt a lot about fvwm from here. I’m beginning to take more of an interest in window managers, so hopefully I will be more active in the future!

My setup is an Asus eee pc 901, running CrunchBang Linux and fvwm-metisse as the window manager.

I would highly recommend CrunchBang btw, it is Ubuntu based, and is very light - lighter than Xubuntu. It has OpenBox as the default WM, but the first thing that I did was add fvwm-metisse, which I think is the best WM bar none.

My question is this:

I can set window transparency using the Window operations menu, which I think executes something like ‘sma SetTransparency 0.5’, but is there anyway of getting this to work by default on certain windows, for example my xfce4-terminal window?

I’m sure it’s possible, but I just can’t seem to figure it out!



You’re not going to find much help with metisse here – AFAIK, it’s all but dead; and was only ever intended as a research project.

IIRC, “sma” did nothing more than send FVWM commands to the FvwmCompositor module – when say “default” – what do you mean, exactly? You could have this happen when the window is initially mapped of course:

DestroyModuleConfig FE:*
*FE: add_window "ThisWindow (NameOfYourXFCETerm) sma SetTransparency someinteger"

AddToFunc StartFunction I Module FvwmEvent

– Thomas Adam

Hi Adam,

thanks for the response.

Agreed, Metisse is not as well supported as I would like. However, with it being included in Mandriva, hopefully, it will get a bit more attention…

by default, I mean that when I start xfce4-terminal, it should start with transparency turned on.

In your code snippet, what does FE refer to?

Also, I have a StartFunction already defined, but the syntax seems different to that you’ve posted:

[code]DestroyFunc StartFunction
AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I FvwmTrace -n fmtrace
  • I AFuncSetBackground

    So for that last line, I would add something like this:
+ I Module FvwmEvent


I note that in my StartFunction, I already have this line:

+ I ModuleSynchronous FvwmEvent FvwmEvent-EventsHandler

is that a similar thing?

Adam is my surname. Thomas is my forename, please use that one. :slight_smile:

Which is what my code-snippet should help you achieve.

FE refers to a module alias – in this case FE refers to nothing more than FvwmEvent – but it can be anything you like – so long as it makes sense to you. It’s just a name at the end of the day that ought to be descriptive.

Nah – the way complex functions are read in is that when FVWM scans your config file, it reads each and every line – and then executes the StartFunction right at the end of everything else. So no matter where you have your StartFunction defined, simply having:

AddToFunc StartFunction I SomeCommand

Will cause that definition to be added to the StartFunction before it’s ran – the syntax as I have it is just for convenience – in that the “+” is only needed to show continuation to keep adding to the definition of the function.

No – that’s different and means all requests are synchronous – you really don’t want this for the snippets I’ve given you.

– Thomas Adam

Apologies Thomas, I quite often get called ‘Arif’ and it can be annoying!

I will give this a go tonight…