is someone using program called “tryer” in fvwm? I need some help with making borders to it. I tryied almost everything … and nothing no borders… I used style but it looks like trayer does not support styles so I can’t do border

What have you tried?

– Thomas Adam

I did something like

Style trayer NoTitle, BorderWidth 1, Frame 1
and no progress so I did something like that in start function

  • I Test (Init) Exec exec trayer --width 6 --widthtype percent --transparent true --tint black --alpha 115 --align right --margin 81 --distance 1 --height 30 -title tryer

and is not working too

i’m using it and launching it by:

[code]AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Exec exec trayer --width 57 --height 22 --heighttype pixel --widthtype pixel --transparent true --alpha 254 --margin 3 --distance 453 --align right --expand false[/code]
    and the style used:
 Style trayer NeverFocus, WindowListSkip, Sticky, BorderWidth 0, HandleWidth 0

works well here.
is disallow trayer to expand, i.e. fixed size/number of trayicons. you certainly have to adopt the size, distance and margin parameters to your needs. my setting puts trayer on the right side of the screen 453pixel up from bottom.

ok i will try that

its still not working but I did it in different way ;] I put it in dock and use the swallow function