turn off FvwmButtons

Hi, I want to turn off fvwmbuttons and use WinListDesk. (Is Fwmbuttons
what controls the “norm” icons that end up in, say, an “IconBox”?)
I commented fvwmbuttons out of everything I could find, but when i
restart, there they are. Of course when I hit
settings>app-manager>winlistdesk the buttons turn off and WinListDesk
works fine. How do I turn FvwmButtons off?

fvwm-2.5.12-0.2004123 on FC3


I guess i didn’t ask this properly so i’ll try again.

Current Setting:

Background: xsetroot -solid Cyan4
Start WinListGlobal
No Buttons Bar
Start FvwmButtons DeskerPanelButtons
Do not start MiniButtons
Do not start WinMakerAppButtons
Start FvwmAnimate
Do not start FvwmAuto
Do not start FvwmBanner
Start Sounds Effect
Base Config: Used

This one decides which big buttons we start BarButtons, Wharf or None

#Read .start-FvwmButtons

If this is commented out in startup why are FvwmButtons
still starting?

and; “ChangeAppsMan WinListDesk” why does this command in “menus” turn them off?

thanks --b

Do not import fvwmbuttons module in StartFunc would ‘trun off’ fvwmbuttons, if our ‘fvwmbuttons’ mean the same thing.

Thanks gott; Well the thing I want to stop, I probably have the wrong name, is the “norm” icons lining up in an Icon box at the bottom of the screen.
Is this why it’s starting?
AddToFunc StartFunction I FvwmButtons DeskerPanelButtons
(if I take out the FvwmButtons part the Desker isn’t visible.)

I’m not sure what you mean here. You have two options with regards to the IconBox – one is that you possibly have a style line of something like:

Style * IconBox 1 50 -1 -4, ...

Or you’re using ‘FvwmIconBox’.

If this doesn’t help, take a screenshot so we can see what you’re wanting to remove.

– Thomas Adam

Ok here is what I need to remove, this is a piece of screen 636x286; lower left. billjehle.com/SCREEN/screenshot.html

Here is a clip from the top of my .fvwm2rc-wm-icons, If i comment these out they just end up in a pile, of course.

#i think this next 3 line makes the icons iconify to lower left
Style * IconBox 10 -80 -0 -0, IconGrid 64 64, IconFill left bottom,
IconBox 10 +300 -150 -80, IconGrid 64 64, IconFill bottom left
Style * SlipperyIcon, IconTitle


Ok I figured it out. I needed to uncomment;
Read .start-apps-man in my startup file.

Thanks everyone for all the help, This is what makes linux so much fun.