Unable to fully disable the BusyCursor

It’s been a long time since my switch to FVWM and it’s been functioning flawlessly. But recently I came across a small problem:

I’m running the following function “CaptureWindow” (from viewtopic.php?f=38&t=190) on certain occasions to generate the thumbnail of the current focused window. But as it happened, the cursor would turn into a black circle for a brief moment.

I tried setting “BusyCursor * False”, and it indeed has some effect. The duration of the busycursor has dramatically shortened, but it would still show for a blink of an eye’s time.

I’m pretty sure it’s still the busycursor because I can still control the style via CursorStyle WAIT XXXXX.

Any idea behind this? Thanks in advance!

My .fvwm2rc - https://paste.debian.net/plain/904893

[code]# don’t expect the image to be available IMMEDIATELY

make sure xwd and convert aren’t running first (if they are, break)

DestroyFunc CaptureWindow
AddToFunc CaptureWindow

  • I ThisWindow (Raised, !Iconic, !Shaded, CurrentPage, !FvwmIdent)
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) Break
  • I PipeRead ‘if [[ ps aux | grep xwd | grep -v grep
    || ps aux | grep convert | grep -v grep ]]; then echo Break; fi’
  • I WindowId $[w.id] Exec exec xwd -silent -id $[w.id] | convert -scale 192 -frame 1x1
    -mattecolor black -quality 0 xwd:- png:$[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.tmp.$[w.id].png
  • I WindowId $[w.id] WindowStyle IconOverride, Icon $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.tmp.$[w.id].png[/code]