Unmaximise button background colours

I have something in my configuration that’s annoying me. Below is a shot of the buttons at the top right of a maximised window:

The colour gradient behind the unmaximise button is reversed. The configuration controlling the button is:

ButtonStyle 4 ActiveDown Pixmap buttons/mywindows/maximise-activedown.png ButtonStyle 4 Inactive Pixmap buttons/mywindows/maximise-inactive.png ... ButtonStyle 4 ToggledActiveUp Pixmap buttons/mywindows/unmaximise-activeup.pngButtonStyle 4 ToggledActiveDown Pixmap buttons/mywindows/unmaximise-activedown.png ButtonStyle 4 ToggledInactive Pixmap buttons/mywindows/unmaximise-inactive.png ... ButtonStyle 4 - MwmDecorMax
I suspect the issue is the last line there - is there another style I should be using? I’ve had a look at the Man pages, but I’m still just starting to find my way around them…

[edited image location]

I can’t seem to reproduce this – Indeed, I use the MWM* styles, and even with vector buttons, the background colour is not reversed…

– Thomas Adam

This is interesting. I’ve installed a default, 2.5.12 version of FVWM from the Debian repositories, and I’m getting exactly the same issue. Anyone else have any inspiration? Could there be another part of my config that has something to do with this?

Turns out the background of the unmaximise button is the same as the window border, controlled, as far as I can make out, by the . By changing colorset 6 (active window) from:Colorset 2 bg average, fg white, fgsh black, VGradient 50 #88a5c3 #59728c, ditherto:Colorset 2 bg #666666, fg white, fgsh black, VGradient 50 #88a5c3 #59728c, ditherwhile using the line:Style * Colorset 1, HilightColorset 2

the button now looks like this:

Any ideas how I can stop this happening? Should I be using a different style, or colorset, or should there be another entry in the colorset?

Well, the only thing I can think of, is that if you use --useborderstyle with buttonstyle flag, you would obviously get the colorset defined for borders.
I might be stating the obvious, but you don’t need to use colorsets for button definitions. Have a look at a rather complicated (read:long, and probably just plain wrong) buttonset definition (I’m just using every possible opportunity to advertise my own configs, am I not :wink: ).
To my experience, on development version of fvwm, button configuration behaves weird. Sometimes things get inherited, sometimes not. You would just have to test things out.