Unset colorset ?


i have a system that allow me to change style with my menus. I use UpdateStyles in order to update change immediatly. But there is a little problem : colorsets didn’t change immediatly, i have to restart Fvwm ! Is there a way for example do that :
Colorset 10 fg red, bg red

AddToFunc ChangeColorset

  • I Unset Colorset 10
  • I Colorset 10 fg blue, bg blue
  • I UpdateStyles

It should be really cool !

Redefining the Colorset normally makes the changes active at once, do keep in mind that some modules react quite allergic to this kind of stuff…

There is no need for such command Unset. And UpdateStyle only affects Style commands, not Colorset, so it is useless here.

When you change definition of colorset N, the change occur immediatelly in all places that use this colorset N. If not, then there is a bug that you should report to fvwm-workers.

However, you should properly undo the previous settings if needed. For example, if you do not want “Pixmap” anymore, then specify “Plain”. To undo “TiledShape” specify “NoShape”, to undo “Tint”, specify it without arguments, to return to the default fgsh, just set either “fg” or “bg”, and so on. For example:

Colorset 10 fg red, bg red, Plain

P.S. If you want complete correct answers, try to ask on mailto:fvwm@fvwm.org, I am not available here often.

I have to take slight exception to this. I’m sure it wasn’t meant in a horrible way, but a lot of us here have put a lot of effort into answering questions (and hence provide information). There’s certainly nothing to suggest that using the mailing-list gives higher “quality” answers. It’s just another medium for communication (which I oddly enough, prefer, over forums.)

– Thomas Adam

It was only meant in the way that the developers (the ones who actually know the intended design, and may take a look at the source code before answering) do not always have enough time for forums.

I do believe many people here put a great effort into understanding the questions and answering, and even try their own suggestions. This is really cool. 8)

It’s pretty darn cool to have a fvwm developer around that’s for sure! :smiley:
It would be interesting to hear your opinions about how much the screenshots part of the forum is blooming. If fvwm-themes had the same kind of hit on user interest, it’d be comparable to gnome&kde by now :wink:

This was (in a round-about way) discussed in #fvwm, mostly between myself and Alex Wallis (Awol). AFAIK, he’s got some ideas to encoporate some of the more recent trends in user-interface and user-preference ideas into a theme.

– Thomas Adam