Using WindowList as a replacement for FvwmWinList

I can see on the FVWM News page that the FvwmWinList module has been removed from FVWM 2.6.7 and one should use the WindowList command instead. I’ve tried to use this command in my fvwmrc, but all what I get is a popup, not a window like what the FvwmWinList module gave. How should the WindowList command be used as a replacement for FvwmWinList?

FYI, here’s my current configuration for FvwmWinList:

Style "FvwmWinList"     BorderWidth 0

AddToFunc RestartFunction \
+       "I" Module FvwmWinList

*FvwmWinList: Geometry 88x96+0+268
*FvwmWinList: Font "xft:Bitstream:size=9"
*FvwmWinList: Fore Black
*FvwmWinList: Back #9878a8
*FvwmWinList: FocusBack #886898
*FvwmWinList: UseSkipList
*FvwmWinList: UseIconNames
*FvwmWinList: LeftJustify
*FvwmWinList: MinWidth 96
*FvwmWinList: MaxWidth 96
*FvwmWinList: TruncateRight
*FvwmWinList: Action Click1 Iconify
*FvwmWinList: Action Click2 Module "FvwmIdent" FvwmIdent
*FvwmWinList: Action Click3 Retrieve-and-Focus

Note: I haven’t found any documentation describing the upgrade of FvwmWinList to WindowList.

WindowList is designed to be a menu and you would have to configure it to be a TearOff menu to stick around.

As an alternative, you can configure FvwmIconMan to be a list of running windows in its own window (it can actually work as a task manager too).

I would either try a a TearOff menu using WindowList or see if you can configure FvwmIconMan to fit your needs. This may help:

I’ve started to look at this. I can use WindowList TearOffImmediately to generate a tear off menu (though TearOffImmediately is only specified for the Menu and Popup commands in the fvwm man page). But anyway, new windows are not added to the WindowList menu unlike with the FvwmWinList module. So, that’s rather useless.

However, FvwmIconMan already has its own window by default, so that this module really seems to be the replacement for FvwmWinList. So, concerning the replacement for the FvwmWinList module, I wonder why WindowList is suggested instead of FvwmIconMan.

For most people, it is. But as you’ve already got specific requirements, you’re going to do something different.


I don’t have specific requirements. I was actually using the default suggestion from the FvwmWinList(1) man page:

i.e. my use corresponded to the first case (I invoked the module during initialization), while the WindowList command corresponds to the “also” case.