utf8 text

I have some problems with utf8 text (window titles for example)
I trayed to set :
but it dont works…
I have many russian and french files and directoris on my box and with gnome it works like a charm…
For now, i use :
but it works only for russian, french special characters dont works…

Thenk you

Sory for a bad english

I have the impression it’s a font related problem as Fvwm should be capable of showing utf-8 tekst, providing you use Fvwm version 2.5.6 or later, if not you should cosider upgrading.

The following section in the Fvmw manpage might also be of interest: “FONT AND STRING ENCODING”


thank you, i alredy read this :slight_smile:
I use fvwm-2.5.12 : the lase one in portage :slight_smile:
In fact my question is :
iso10646-1 = utf8 ?
because man pages sade “encoding=utf8” to bee a valid entry, but it dont work at all… only with iso10646-1 i have some results but not for french.
Thanks again