hi! How can I change the font for the Taskbar and the Pager ?
I have the same problem with other w-managers, I always have to set up every font, because the default just looks very unshaped.


You can use XFT fonts with something like this


That sets the DefaultFont but Modules may not use it.

Each module can have its Font set. The syntax is similar, for FvwmPager it is something like

*FvwmPager: Font "xft:..."

Also note in FvwmPager you can set various fonts for it, see the manpage for what the other settings are.

Your TaskBar is similar. If you are running an older version than 2.6.7, you should upgrade to 2.6.7. FvwmTaskBar has been removed so you should use FvwmIconMan instead. See the default config for an example TaskBar with fonts set using FvwmIconMan.