Watermarking wallpapers

Say you just love your distro so much that you’d like to have it’s logo on every wallpaper you can find from net. Here’s how I did it:
(you need ImageMagick for it)

[code]SetEnv IMG $[FVWM_USERDIR]/images

AddToFunc FuncSetWallPaper

  • I Exec convert -scale $[desk.width]x$[desk.height] $0 $[IMG]/tmp.png;
    composite -geometry +$(($[desk.width]/4))+$(($[desk.height]/4)) -dissolve 10 $[IMG]/logo.png $[IMG]/tmp.png $[IMG]/lwallp.png;
    fvwm-root -r $[IMG]/lwallp.png; fvwm-root -d

DestroyFunc MakeWallpaperMenu
AddToFunc MakeWallpaperMenu

  • I DestroyMenu recreate WallpaperMenu
  • I AddToMenu WallpaperMenu
  • I PipeRead ‘for i in $[HOME]/wallpapers/*; do echo AddToMenu
    WallpaperMenu “basename $i” FuncSetWallPaper $i;

DestroyMenu WallpaperMenu
AddToMenu WallpaperMenu

  • DynamicPopupAction Function MakeWallpaperMenu

AddToMenu RootMenu

  • “Wallpapers” Popup WallpaperMenu


Sure takes some time to load, but it looks nifty. :smiley: