Weather app?

Can someone tell me how to call the gnome-weather app from the dock and integrate it somehow into fvwm?

I’m not sure where it is existing but it worked really well for me in gnome and I miss it. The feed from the can be green config is not quite there for me.

Many thanks.

If it’s a dock app that sits in the gnome-panel, then you’ll need gnome-panel running. If it’s not, and a gdesklet, then you can search these forums. In fact, search these forums anyway, as there’s lots of applets about the weather.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas, I have managed to get the gnome panel working and it has restored my original applications but I notice that only about half of the items show their icons… This also goes for the weather app - it is reporting the details in text but the icon is missing. Why would some of the icons be available to the gnome panel and others missing? For example weather apps dynamically assigned icons are missing (sun, cloud etc) but right next to it I get theCPU Freq monitor and the dynamic battery icon no probs. Hmmmm.

I am going to look into the fvwm favoured weather apps - I find the detail that the gnome panel one provides really useful.

Thanks for the help; I am settling into fvwm :slight_smile:

this is where I added the xscreensaver and gnome-panel execs:

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec fvwm-root --dither --retain-pixmap $[fvwm_wallpaper]
+ I Module FvwmCommandS
+ I Module FvwmEvent
+ I Module FvwmProxy
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec xscreensaver
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec gnome-panel
+ I Module FvwmButtons -g 136x$[vp.height]-0+0 FvwmShelf
+ I PipeRead "echo Module FvwmButtons -g $$(($[vp.width]-139))x28+0-0 FvwmBar"
+ I Module FvwmButtons -g 18x42+0+-28 DeskControl
#+ I Test (Init) Exec exec xdesktopwaves -q 5 -mo 2 -root -nice 10 -nowavesbywin
#+ I Test (Init) Exec tail -n 0 -f /var/log/messages | osd_cat -a 30 -A left -o 
10 -i 10 -f cure -c white -d 10 -s 1
+ I Test (Init) Exec exec root-tail -g 800x100+25+10 -noinitial -wordwrap -font 
cure -reverse -color white /var/log/messages
+ I Test (Restart) All (Iconic) Test (f $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.tmp.$[].png) Wi
ndowStyle IconOverride, Icon $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icon.tmp.$[].png

This weather app is the thing that sits in the gnom-panel normally? That being the case I don’t think these things were ever designed to be iconified in the sense of them being ‘standalone’ applications.


– Thomas Adam

I really don’t know the mechanics myself but in the old gnome environment I showed a sun or clouds or clear night icon or whatever next to the temp. When you click it you get a box with all the details and a tab for the forecast. Anyway I will have a look around at the more fvwm compliant (or at least gnome-independent) weather apps.

I really am only running the gnome panel to keep me in reach of my comfort zone till I have a solid fvwm config. I am working with taviso’s at the moment and it seems I have a lot to work out…


Might be that running /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon fixes this…