Weird titlebar buttons

How do i get rid of the default black titlebar buttons… ?

I dont’ know — your URL times out.

– Thomas Adam

It resolves now, but I can’t seem to find much ‘default’ in the shot… Did you upload a new one or am I missing something? :confused:

the little… black lines… behind the blue pngs in the titlebar… >_<

can you post your decor config?

#=== Title Colorset ========
Colorset 7	VGradient 200 white grey80
Colorset 9	VGradient 200 grey95 grey75
DestroyDecor		DefaultDec
AddToDecor		DefaultDec
+ TitleStyle		RightJustified Height 18
+ TitleStyle		Active (Colorset 7 -- Flat ) InActive (Colorset 9 -- Flat)
#+ TitleStyle		Active (TiledPixmap $[pixmaps]/titlebar-mid-focused.xpm -- Flat) \
#			InActive (TiledPixmap $[pixmaps]/titlebar-mid-unfocused.xpm -- Flat)
#+ AddButtonStyle 2	Active (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/close-focus.png -- Flat ) \
#			InActive (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/close-focus.png -- Flat) 

#+ AddButtonStyle 3 	Active (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/min-focus.png -- Flat) \
#			InActive (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/min-focus.png -- Flat)

#+ AddButtonStyle 1	Active (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/max-focus.png -- Flat ) \
#			InActive (Pixmap $[pixmaps]/max-focus.png -- Flat ) 

+ ButtonStyle All AllActive ( -- Flat UseTitleStyle) AllInActive ( -- Flat UseTitleStyle)
#+ ButtonStyle 3 - MwmDecorMin
Style * 	UseDecor DefaultDec
Style *		Font "xft:Bitstream Vera Sans:pixelsize=11:style=Bold"
Style * 	HandleWidth 1, BorderWidth 1
Style * 	SloppyFocus, MouseFocusClickRaises
Style * 	Colorset 1, HilightColorset 0, BorderColorset 8, HilightBorderColorset 2
Style * 	ResizeOpaque 
Style * 	IconBox 1000x120+400-5, IconGrid 10 10, IconFill b l
Style * 	NoIconTitle

i commented out… the blue pngs for now

I thought I was going to incur snow-blindness for a moment, there. It’s so very white!

In cases such as this, it’s often good start off with nothing, and build up the decor bit-by-bit. It’s worth remembering that decor definitions are classed as non-destructive, partially-destructive, and fully-destructive. You use “TitleStyle”, fine. But don’t forget about “AddTitleStyle”, either.

I can’t see anything obviously wrong, with a quick cursive glance over your decor definition.

– Thomas Adam

It might be as simple as you are using AddButtonStyle, thus combine the pixmap with the vector button. Try to use ButtonStyle instead.

Seems like you loaded another theme without resetting the previous settings (which are not the default, BTW). ButtonStyle command “Clear” is destructive, and may be used to clear the previous button content, i.e. in your case:

ButtonStyle 1 - Clear MWMDecorMenu
ButtonStyle 2 - Clear
ButtonStyle 3 - Clear MWMDecorMin