What does the letters: M, H, C, D etc mean??

In this function the follwoing capitals are used:

DestroyFunc FuncFvwmMaximize
AddToFunc FuncFvwmMaximize

  • M Maximize
  • H Maximize
  • C Maximize
  • D Maximize

Are the build-in constants or are they meant to be user defined somewhere?

Where can I find more info on details like this? I have looked in:


But have no idea on where to look.

M == Motion, i.e. when something is Moved.
H == Hold, i.e. if a button pressed remains so on the window.
C == A single click.
D == A Double click.

They’re built-in constraints. And they’re listed in the manpage. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Thank you

I now they would be listed in the man pages, but if I write “man fvwm” I get a document so large that it would take me forever so go it through.

It is a big document, yes. You do realise that you can search for things in it? Once the man page has loaded, if you press:


You can then type in a keyword you want, and keep pressing ‘/’ and Return to move through all the items.

– Thomas Adam

I can only use / when I am in KDE. For some reason that does not work in fvwm.

BTW: What did you search for in the man pages to find a description of H, M, C etc. I have tried (in KDE) to search for mouse but that is to general. What is the keyword for these constants??

Admittedly I didn’t look in the manpage. But any standard pager will support the keystroke I mentioned. The relevant part of what you want is thus:

– Thomas Adam