what is __PIXMAP__


I found in some config files PIXMAP variable. What does it mean? I couldn’t find info in fvwm manuals.

Namely I would like to do something like this

[code]AddToFunc FuncFvwmMenuDirectory

  • I PipeRead “fvwm-menu-directory -d ‘$0’ --icon-file PIXMAP

AddToMenu SomeMenu MissingSubmenuFunction FuncFvwmMenuDirectory

  • “Wallpapers Directory” Popup $[fvwm_wallpapers_th][/code]

That is menu with thumbnails of all papers in wallpapers_th directory and their filenames. However it does not work since I get “couldn’t load image from PIXMAP

That should get interpolated out by the Makefile which copies those files in place. I don’t know where you’re getting this file from, but it’s clearly straight out of CVS, most likely.

– Thomas Adam

Here are some examples including PIXMAP in fvwm-menu-directry:

  1. line 1017

  2. bzsparks.com/fvwm/fvwm2rc

I couldn’t find any Makefiles.

Thank you.