When maximizing, apps start at wrong position afterwards

Hi! I usually maximize my windows by calling “Maximize 100 -32p” (-32p because of my panel at the bottom). The problem is that when I close and restart the application, it starts with the same size as before, but it starts at the bottom of the screen and covers the panel. The applications that have this behaviour are Firefox, Sylpheed and Audacity - all those are GTK apps.

More importantly, those applications are annoying – it has nothing to do with
being GTK. They’re just badly-compliant programs. You want something like:

Style Gecko NoPPosition
Style Sylpheed NoPPosition
Style Audacity NoPPosition

… which will tell FVWM not to listen to the program’s specified position.
Indeed, you might find the following useful reading:

edulinux.homeunix.org/~n6tadam/f … sition.txt

– Thomas Adam