While Moving windows, having the transparency of the window


I would like, like enlightement, that when moving the window we can see the other windows below , hence transparency (non translucent) :
here is my move code:

[code]AddToFunc Move-mymax I Raise

  • M EdgeThickness 2
  • M EdgeResistance 0 0
  • M Move
  • M EdgeThickness 0
  • M Schedule 200 Generateminiiconandrefreshpager
  • D Mymaximize[/code]

I have here the transparency of the menu (non translucent) already working great, so now , the windows :
img225.imageshack.us/img225/7303 … ncycc3.jpg

I tried with

+ I Thiswindow windowstyle ... 

but not working

Could it be possible somehow ?

Why not just:


– Thomas Adam

Well cool, it works.
Here is my code :

[code]AddToFunc movetransparentpat I Raise

  • I PipeRead ‘echo Exec exec transset-df -i $[w.id] 0.7’
  • M EdgeThickness 2
  • M EdgeResistance 0 0
  • M Exec exec transset-df -p 1
    #+ M Move
  • M PipeRead ‘echo Move’
  • M EdgeThickness 0
  • M PipeRead ‘echo Exec exec transset-df -i $[w.id] 1.0’
  • M panscroll2
  • M Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon
  • M Schedule 2500 PagerCanBeHidden
  • D Mymaximize[/code]

It’s wicked thing, but I have the impression that enlightenment goes faster for window that are fully maximized… for big windows, that’s bit laggy (unfortunately). Looks that when I click on the menustyle with transparency It goes faster … but difficult to measure …
I keep it in alternate (shift) move
(nvidia, xcompmgr , all working fine)