Wierd sound from harddisk in FVWM

I have installed Ubuntu with gnome and the latest version of FVWM. If I use FVWM i get a little noise (crunch) from the harddisk (am not sure if it actually comes from the CD-ROM drive) in a 4 seconds interval.

If I use gnome I dont get this sound. What is might the reason be that I get this sound in FVWM and not in gnome?

4 or 5 second intervals? if it’s five second intervals, I’m inclined to believe that you’re using some kind of journalling filesystem, say ext3? That 5 second “crunch” would be the commit time of the journal.

If this really is the case, then either you can add a higher commit= value (in seconds) as a valid mount option parameter in /etc/fstab, or you can try adding the option ‘noatime’ in /etc/fstab for all partitions using ext3 (in fact – do this anyway, it will help matters). See also ‘man tune2fs’.

If, on the other hand, it happens to be the CD-ROM drive, then you possibly have a program opening up with FVWM (such as a file manager) that’s trying to poll the CDROM drive for a change of disk. That being the case, see what the command ‘lsof’ produces.

You do realise (the clue is in the name, irrespective of this forum section being Other questions that this is a forum about FVWM, and not a general Linux forum. The fact this supposed clunking happens because you’re running FVWM is a red-herring to your question. Please respect the purpose of this forum – and don’t over abuse it by posting general Linux support questions.

You’ve been asked/told about peripheral matters like this in the past. Short of beating you over the head with a 2x2 clue bat ™ repeatedly, I am not sure how else to get the message across. Needless to say I don’t want to have to repeat this little spiel again because you ignored it, or just refuse to take heed of it.

Thomas Adam.