i have one little question:
I`m using a weather-popup-script found in this Forum here.
I try to place it somewhere on my desk by using

WindowPosition x y

But my fvwm (2.6.17-cvs with some Patches like RoundedCorner ) ignores this position.
Here is the Output by running “BugOpts ExplainWindowPlacement”:

[FVWM][__explain_placement]: placed new window 0xc00001 'WeatherPopup': desk 0 (current desk) current page position 48 124, placed by fvwm (ignored program specified position) placement method: TileCascade (tile placement failed)

This position is my top left corner.

How can i define to use my position instaed ?

Thx for all answers & Greetings

Use post-mapping to move it. You can use FvwmEvent for this:

DestroyModuleConfig FE: *
*FE: Cmd Function
*FE: add_window FvwmMyFunc

Module FvwmEvent FE

DestroyFunc FvwmMyFunc
AddToFunc   FvwmMyFunc
+ I ThisWindow (Name_Of_Script) Move 600 800

For instance.

– Thomas Adam

Hi thomas,
thx, I`ll try it out tomorrow and post a reply here.