Window Position by Style

Is it possible to set an applications position with a style command or does it have to be swallowed in an FvwmButton? Im trying to set the position of xkbd the on screen keyboard that comes with X but the only way i can think of to set its window position is to swallow it in an FvwmButton. When i do this it works fine except that xkbd losses focus when i click on another window to try and type something. Which kinda defeats the purpose of an onscreen keyboard. As far as i know theres not AlwaysFocus style.

You could start a function when a specific program starts. I do this with programs like alsamixergui to maximize it horizontally.
I’m now at work (XP) so can’t give you my sollution, but I’ll try to post it later today.

I use this to apply some functions to starting windows:

[code]# Use This to execute commands on new windows when they appear.

DestroyFunc NewWindowFunc
AddToFunc NewWindowFunc

  • I ThisWindow (xmessage) Jiggle 2
  • I ThisWindow (".: T o p :.") Maximize-Vert
  • I ThisWindow (".: A l s a m i x e r :.") Maximize-Horiz

*FvwmEvent: add_window NewWindowFunc
and to the startfunction add this:

+ I Module FvwmEvent

as soon as the program with a name like the one between the brackets, the function at the end of the line gets executed. I 'm not sure if this is going to help much further though.

XClients are supposed to honour --geometry settings (unless they break the ICCCM such as cough Firefox cough and friends). You can use the Move command though, as detailed in:

– Thomas Adam