Window ring or window list?

Hi everyone!

I tried to circulate through windows using Next and Prev. Didn’t seem to work from my config, so I opened up FvwmConsole and tried interactively. The result is that

Prev (CurrentPage, !iconic) focus-and-raise

happily switches to another window (there are plenty of them on the current page), while

Next (CurrentPage, !iconic) focus-and-raise

doesn’t do anything. This suggests that the window ring would be a window list in fact - the FvwmConsole window is the last opened one, so the described behaviour would then be logical.

Is this assumption correct? If so, can I get a true window ring somehow? If not, does anyone have an idea where to look for an error?


– owl

So what’s in your config? Do any of your windows have the condition CirculateSkip set as a Style condition? (Unlikely, given the Prev command is working OK.)

What does this “focus-and-raise” function do? Just try:

Next (...) FlipFocus

– Thomas Adam

Some have, but quite a few others don’t.

The “focus-and-raise” does just what the name suggests:

[code]DestroyFunc focus-and-raise
AddToFunc focus-and-raise

  • “I” Focus
  • “I” Raise
    And no, using FlipFocus instead does not change fvwm’s behaviour. The Prev command does switch focus, while Next does not.

However, from your answer I assume that ring-like behaviour is indeed the expected one.

– owl