WindowList behaviour

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry, if the following question is a real beginner question but … well, that’s exactly what I am using FVWM :wink: I’ve now played around with it for the last few hours and got nearly everything set up as I want it to be, but one thing is still missing :slight_smile:

In openbox3 the windowlist (alt+tab) highlights a window showing the shade of the window and increasing its border width when the window is “highlighted” in the windowlist. Is there someway i could at least partially simulate this feature in FVWM? For example by using a different borderwidth and/or a different bordercolorset?

I don’t know how to do this with the WindowList, but you could switch between the windows on your current deskt by using this:

Key Tab A M Next (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus) DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus Key Tab A MS Prev (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus) DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus
with the DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus function looking like this:

[code]AddToFunc DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus

  • I Iconify Off
  • I Raise
  • I Focus[/code]

I hope this helps you…

Thanks :slight_smile: This would also be an alternative if Next could somehow to be modelled so that it uses a list of “last focused windows” instead of what looks like the creating order of the windows :slight_smile:

One thing that I had working once was an expose clone from osx that taviso had in his config. It worked pretty good about showing a list as well as the iconified screen shots at the same time.

At one time I was working on making the iconified screen shots update themselves every x seconds, but found that the window id was not the same once it was minimized and I couldn’t call the snapshot to catch that id. If anyone knows how to do this I’d really appreciate it. My mac has this functionality and I’d love it in fvwm.