WindowList OnlyIcons option not working

I want to display the window list with only the icons - no appname, layer number, desk number etc.

According to the man page i can do this with the OnlyIcons option.


Mouse 1 R N WindowList OnlyIcons

However this causes it to popup with nothing except the desk number - i get a tiny window with ‘Desk 0’ written in it.

Is this a bug? Can someone test to see if the option works form them so ill know if fvwm or something wrong with my install? Cheers!

The OnlyIcons option creates a list of all Iconic windows, not a lit of window icons.

Something like this[code]MenuStyle WindowList ItemFormat “%35|%i%.35|”


MenuStyle WindowList ItemFormat “%i”[/code]

Mouse 1 R N WindowList NoCurrentDeskTitle, NoGeometry