windowlist with different menus


I’m rather new to fvwm, but like it a lot :slight_smile:. I would like to accomplish the following, which might be a bit easy, but I don’t directly know how to do this:

I like to use a windowlist (or windowlistmenu or …), but since I always have too much open windows, it is not always that easy to find the window I’m looking for. Therefor, I would like to categorize them in different menus, e.g. an extra menu in my windowlist for each type of application or just one for all my open texteditor windows and xterms for example.

I hope I explained clearly enough what I would like to do, thanks in advance for the help.

Then you want to take a look at “FvwmWindowList” – as this module can do all that you want. The man page for it lists some good examples. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Thank you very much for the answer.

But I’m afraid it is not totally clear to me yet :frowning:, first of all do you mean a special module (because googling for FvwmWindowList does not give me a lot of results) or just the basic WindowList (because then I still don’t know how to achieve this)?

Secondly, I think my previous post was not entirely clear (or maybe it was?), the thing I would like is something along the following (I’m not sure myself what I exactly want, but for instance):


App X menu
App Y menu

App z
App bla

And then when I hoover for instance over App X menu, I would get:


App X menu -> a
App Y menu

App z
App bla

I think this is a bit more clear about what I would like to do, It would be fine if I could create menus for windows with the same class, but if possible it might even be better if I could define that windows of class X, Y and Z belong in a menu with the name SOMETHING

Thanks again,

Use DynamicPopupAction to create a menu with submenus for every open app class, then use MissingSubmenuAction to make a list of every open matching window and make a simple WindowList.

I do something like this in my WindowOps menu, eg like this

i wrote about it here

You cant use WindowList command as a submenu (I dont know why, it’s an annoying limitation), but you can make your own easily enough :slight_smile:

That sounds plausible, I’ll try it out as soon as I find some time, thx.

Wow, that also is a very fine idea, I’ll probably include that too in my config.