Windows behaviour

I’ve been reading and messing around with FVWM code syntax for theming stuff up… I cant figure out what module handles windows behaviour. For example I simply want to change border width of window, i would guess WindowStyle or something like that would do it, but again i dont know where to put it. Also I want to get rid of the Titlebar on each window, but again defaulting to nothing replaces it with the default Titlebar from FVWM.


Are you actually using fvwm-themes (see:

If all you want to do is change the borderwidth of a window then use:

Style somewindowname BorderWidth 10

Moreover though, if you’re using handles (most do), then this will have no effect. Instead, you mean:

Style somewindowname HandleWidth 10

Since when you’re using handles, it’s the width of these which need defining over and above a BorderWidth.

Now… if you already have a window present on the screen which you wish to apply a known setting, then by all means use:

WindowStyle HandleWidth 10, BorderWidth 10

… for example. But this is not permanent and pertains only to that window.

So which is it you mean?

To get rid of each titlebar, you would need to use:

Style * !Title

Ordinarily these commands (bar the use of WindowStyle) would go in ~/.fvwm/config (if you’re using FVWM 2.5.X) – but you’ve still yet to demonstrate if you’re using fvwm-themes or not.

– Thomas Adam

Im using an existing .fvwmrc config that i found somewhere.
Thanks for the !Title, worked perfectly.
The border is still kinda confusing, now i dont know what’s the general window name so I dont know where to apply the BorderWidth to. I added the “Style * BorderWidth 3, HandleWidth 3” and apparently it gave windows a border, but its not really a border (where i specify color), but its kinda of a weird defaulted shaded border. Anyhow I’ve been also trying to figure out the Colorset stuff, seems like you can call for example “Menustyle * MenuColorset 3” and it will look and read “Colorset 3” from the theme colorset file (brain is twisting).


Can you explain this? What do you mean? Which application? What is it you’re seeing with setting BorderWidth 3, HandleWidth 3, that you’re not expecting to?

One thing at a time. A normal Colorset has nothing to do with menus when applied to windows. You’re getting ahead of yourself.

– Thomas Adam

You can see whats going on with the borders…

So your colorsets aren’t defined well, if I understand you properly.

– Thomas Adam