writing some output on a panel (FvwmButtons)

i want to understand what is the best way to write some output on FvwmButtons… for example suppose i want to display the time on my own taskbar (built with FvwmButtons) using the commanddate +%k:%M:%Sobviously this text needs to be updated every second…
what is the best way to do something like this?

*FvwmButtons: (Swallow (UseOld, NoClose) “xclock” 'Exec exec xclock ')
Those single quotes are supposed to be backticks.

Or then you could write your own FvwmScript -window for that (or better yet, use one which come with fvwm, FvwmScript-Date for example)
But they have a nasty tendency to flash everytime they update.

i chose the FvwmScript… but doesn’t work!
in the first part of the script, do i have to write properties of the window even if i swallow it in FvwmButtons?
and actions in the fifth?

You could use a script and SendToModule to update a button’s title. If you see ‘man fvwmbuttons’ or search these forums for ‘SendToModule’ (as I have answered this in the past), you’ll find examples.

– Thomas Adam

i used FvwmScript and now it works… the problem was a stupid “_” in the title of the swallow command… :smiling_imp:
but now i’m interested in understanding which is the best way to do this kind of things (taht is, writing output on a button)… for “the best way” i mean “the way that takes less resources” speaking of cpu usage or memory
is it a no-problem?

It’s not a problem.

– Thomas Adam