Hello, that’s my fvwm after few weeks of heavily coding ;)


I will post config soon, need some clean ;)

nice background :wink:

can you post some of the features?

very beautiful

Nice one. The panel looks a little too “gnomish” but the background and deco make a very nice effect.

Good thing it’s not KDE-ish troll :wink:

Right now i have not too much time to work on my fvwm, but in generally it works pretty good for me, so i leave it as is by now. You can get the unfinished config if you like to see what i have done until now. But there is nothing to explore :wink:
btw. i don’t know what’s wrong with gnome look… anyway i want my fvwm rather looks and behaves like ms windows :wink:

Nice screenie and nice wallpaper. Where can i get it ? Can’t find it in your tarball :frowning:

I’m interested in config too, particulary taskbar…