2.5.18: Windowlist and focus when switching desk


  1. today I have upgraded my Fvwm to 2.5.18 (I was using 2.5.16 earlier) and in the very first seconds of using it, I have noticed that my Windowlist command is not working as it should. It’s now showing windows from ALL desktops, not from current, as it’s stated in my config:
Key     Tab             A M             Windowlist (CurrentPage) Root cc NoCurrentDeskTitle

Could anyone explain why is it happening? I was trying to find any changelog or something, but found only short note on fvwm.org, which doesn’t give very precise information. I also tried to change my config, but with no success.

  1. How can force FVWM to remeber last focused window on desktop?
    When I’m switching desk, all windows are loosing focus, which is REALLY annoying. I’ve been using something like that, which worked like a charm, but after mentioned upgrade to 2.5.18 is causing some problems (fe. I can’t move to next desk with keybinding)

[code]DestroyFunc CurrentPageFocusFunc
AddToFunc CurrentPageFocusFunc

  • “I” Next (CurrentPage, State 2) Focus
  • “I” None (CurrentPage, Focused) Prev (CurrentPage, !Iconified, !Sticky) Focus

DestroyFunc MarkWindowAsActiveFunc
AddToFunc MarkWindowAsActiveFunc

  • “I” Current (!Iconified) All (CurrentPage, !Focused) State 2 False
  • “I” Current (!Iconified) State 2 True

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmEvent: *
*FvwmEvent: Cmd Function
*FvwmEvent: new_page CurrentPageFocusFunc
*FvwmEvent: new_desk CurrentPageFocusFunc
*FvwmEvent: destroy_window CurrentPageFocusFunc
*FvwmEvent: focus_change MarkWindowAsActiveFunc
Module FvwmEvent [/code]

Depends what you mean. The above works fine here, on the CVS version of FVWM. Perhaps you meant:

WindowList (CurrentDesk) ....

Judging from your terminology you might have.

Search these forums. There’s a solution to do that here, as well as explicitly stated on the fvwmwiki: fvwmwiki.org – in fact, what you’ve posted here again works just fine.

Then there’s something else amiss in your config, since there’s nothing in the 2.5.18 release which would affect this. Unless you upload your config, no one can really help you.

– Thomas Adam

Yeah, I think I should have used “page” word, but anyway - I didn’t change my config at all. It just stopped working after upgrade to 2.5.18 (now I use CVS version, and still no change)

it did work fine, now it isn’t :wink:
fvwmwiki.org is dead currently, bad luck

here it is:
it’s based on mr mutze config, still very messy as i’m working on it since past few hours (mentioned problems occured much earlier, before i decided to change my config)

Well, I’m going to tell you categorically that it works fine. So I perhaps wonder if you have done something stupid, such as left numlock, capslock or scroll lock on?

Indeed, I’m working to fix it.

Uh huh, it is a mess, but nevermind. Everyone’s config is typically littered with many annoying FVWM-idioms which I would dearly love to fix, but now just don’t bother. I have no idea why it doesn’t work for you. Running your config on another VT with X running did exactly what it should do, even after uncommenting the FvwmEvent stuff. Most likely you’re either not running the correct version of FVWM you think you are, or you’re getting it to load the right file, or something.

– Thomas Adam

Okay, I know the reason - I have patched 2.5.18 sources with few patches from abdn.ac.uk/~u15dm4/fvwm/ I didn’t use earlier. One of them causes problems, I’ll try to find out which one.

Mr. Adams - I REALLY appreciate Your help, You’re doing fantastic job with FVWM!

It works fine for me as well. I think “root cc” should be"root c c" but it doesn’t make any difference. Does it work with the following version?
Also try it with an empty config and look for any errors in FvwmConsole. Do commands like “all (currentpage) iconify” have the same problem?

Oh yes, this version works fine!