2.5 on cygwin?

Just downloaded & installed Cygwin. Got X working, and then got FVWM going. Except Cygwin’s FVWM package is 2.4, and here’s me with lots of PNG icons. . .

Don’t suppose anybody knows of a 2.5 package for Cygwin anywhere? Or must I stop being lazy and find out how to compile it for myself?

This is the sort of question I like – you’ve answered it yourself. :slight_smile: I don’t know of any 2.5 packages, I only know of 2.4, so it looks like you’ll have to compile it yourself.

– Thomas Adam

Shame. Ah well. . . so much for the easy route!

Anyone know how to deal with

X11 libraries or header files could not be found. Please make sure the X11 development package is installed on your system. If it is definitely installed, try setting the include and library paths with the --x-include and --x-libraries options of configure. Fvwm can not be compiled without the X11 development environment.

I’ve got pretty much all of the xorg packages installed. . .

You’ll need the xorg-devel files (the header files, essentially) along with gcc, make, libc6-devel (or maybe it’s glibc-devel, depending on the distro)…

– Thomas Adam

Yes! Yes! It works! FVWM 2.5 is running on my work PC! Fantastic! :slight_smile:

Admittedly, almost all of the menu items point to software that I don’t have installed in Cygwin, but all my familiar icons and colorsets are on-screen and that’s what counts :slight_smile:


Did you install over the version that comes with Cygwin or did you remove that one first?


Removed it.

Plus found a way of making Cygwin portable, so I can take my own little Linux system wherever I go :slight_smile:

That sound quite interesting, is there a guide to that or is it someting easy once you have figured it out?

A fairly simple guide - dam.brown.edu/people/sezer/software/cygwin/

Seems to work so far - every XP computer I’ve tried it on so far has flawlessly provided an FVWM environment for me :slight_smile:

that seems straight forward. What media did you choose, just out of curiosity?

A USB2 hard drive - I originally bought it to make my .ogg collection available at work, as I couldn’t face emailing myself several gigs and couldn’t install the software on my PC at work either.

And then I had this ~30GB spare, so I started looking for stuff to fill it. . . Portable FIrefox was first, and then I started looking into getting portable Linux with FVWM. . .

I guess the next step is to get the Linux version of Firefox running under FVWM on Cygwin, but that might just be construed as showing off :wink:

With 30 gigs to play with, why not install coLinux and run the works? That’d solve a lot of problems.

Haven’t had much luck with any of the “Run Linux on XP” stuff I’ve tried. Emulating it in Cygwin runs fine, but actually trying to run it gets me nowhere :frowning: