2 fvwm X sessions?

I am trying to run 2 instances of fvwm on the same machine.

The first one starts as usual. To get the other startet I press ctrl-alt-F2, login and type:

fvwm2 -display 1

but then I get this error:

[FVWM][MAIN]: <> can’t open display 1

How do I start fvwm on display 1 (ctrl-alt-F8)

If i remember right you have to do startx :1 and it will start an xsession on F8

The display name is :1 (the colon is meaningfull)

The name of a display is host:display#.screen#
if host is ommited, it is localhost
if screen# is ommited it is 0
:1 is equivalent to localhost:1.0