4 Buttons in right corner of my windows??

Each time I open a window I have 4 buttons in the upper right corner.

From right to left:

Close, maximize, minimize and something else.

Nothing happens when I click on the last icon…maybe there once was an icon there but I have tried to out comment all the style code I could find but it will not disappear!

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Can you take a screenshot of a window with these buttons on, because your phrasing is confusing me, slightly. The fact that the button appears, would suggest you have a mouse binding to it – but that the mouse is either running a function that isn’t working, or has “Nop” as its command to run. So in addition to that, look at any “Mouse” lines in your configuration file.

– Thomas Adam

Here is a screenshot


What you’re describing is symptomatic of the following thread:


– Thomas Adam