64x64 icons ?

hi ,

it seems i can’t make my 64x64 icons appears in a fvwmbuttons,
is there some size limits ?



Maybe you will see what i can’t :

DestroyModuleConfig MyDock : *
*MyDock: Geometry 70x400-0+320
*MyDock: Colorset 2
*MyDock: Rows 6
*MyDock: Columns 1
*MyDock: frame 1
*MyDock: Padding 0 0
*MyDock: (1x1, Icon $[Fantasy]/64x64/web.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/web.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1 ) Exec firefox,Action (Mouse 3 ) Exec dillo)
*MyDock: ( 1x1, Icon $[Fantasy]/64x64/desktop.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/desktop.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1 ) Exec mrxvt -b 10,\
	Action (Mouse 2 ) Exec aterm,\
	Action (Mouse 3) Module FvwmConsole -terminal mrxvt -bg black -fg white +sb -bt -b 10 -tr -trt -tint darkblue -hb -t FvwmConsole -shade 25  )
*MyDock: (1x1, Icon $[Fantasy]/64x64/home.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/home.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1 ) Exec rox ,\
	Action (Mouse 3 ) Exec 	emelfm2,\
	Action (Mouse 2 ) Exec sudo rox / )
*MyDock: (1x1, Icon $[Fantasy]/64x64/movies.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/movies.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1)Exec xine,\
	Action (Mouse 3) Menu MenuFilm window -130m c-10m
*MyDock: (1x1, Icon 64x64/music.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/music.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1)Exec audacious )
*MyDock: (1x1, Icon $[Fantasy]/64x64/apps.png,\
	PressIcon $[Fantasy]/48x48/apps.png,\
	Action (Mouse 1 ) Exec gvim .fvwm/.fvwm2rc,\
	Action (Mouse 3 ) Exec gvim .fvwm/scripts/conkyrc,\
	Action (Mouse 2 ) Exec gvim )
SetEnv Fantasy	 	$[Home]/icones/fantasy

The pressed icons appears …
So what’s the matter…

What is it you’re trying to do? I don’t like the use of your Fantasy env var. It’s superfluous and pointless when you should just add it to your ImagePath:

ImagePath +:$[HOME]/icones/fantasy

And then you can do:

*FvwmButtons: (1x1 ..., Icon some_file.png, PressIcon some_other_file.png, ....)

There is no icon size limit.

– Thomas Adam

well , one more thing i misunderstood i think…

Then you must have done something wrong. It works fine here. Recheck your ImagePath.

– Thomas Adam

Dam it ! :imp:

How-to-loose-your-time wiki by ryo…
i named my folder 64X64 instead of 64x64 :unamused: .
thx thomas.