6thpink's involution process

Hi people, maybe someone remember this one:
img106.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img106& … 0245tb.jpg

I posted it so much months ago, when I was just starting to play with fvwm. I extracted dthe link from an old post of mine. This one evolved later to become this one, with drop down things:

In the time many changes came and new themes started to grow (or shink) in an involutive way. The involution led me to the minimal piece of wm that you can get. This last few days I had time and my decos have been passing by many states, some as this:

But today I realised that this all was pure crap! So, I made another theme this evening, and, you know? Is the first one i really like (of those made by my own hands). Clean, simple and fast. And I might say that it is the less buggy and better finished of all my themes. Nothing extraordinary compared to others people things, but it is my little child and I love it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the desktop naked: it is hard to vislumbrate anything, but, believe or not, in that screen is torsmo, my dialer and a pager:

Here some urxvt configured to melt into my theme:

Here the menu, thumbnails and a home-made launcher, it is an rxvt. And yes, it launchs the app and then exit, if someone is interested just ask, it is a little tricky.
For me, gmrun is slow, grun…well, better off. Bbrun is so crappy, and the rest are desktop dependant, so I made my own way, with rxvt and sh (so in my way I save a little memory).

At last, you can see how my torsmo melts silently when apps are maximized, so I can see my info and the clock.

The best of all is that it is uber fast, and, when I enter fvwm, torsmo mark the memory usage (non buffered of course) in about 36,7 mb, which is awesome.

See you people :slight_smile:

EDIT: The menu icons (and the thumbnail icons as well) are from nouve and nuvola, that theme is around since some time in my secret forlders, when I have time i plan to port the svg reihardt theme to this, since it will fit millions times better with this screenies, dont you think so?

EDIT2: In case someone is wondering this: no, I dont like transparencies in terms, in fact, I hate them because they are annoying and dont serve any other purpose then the screenshots, so my terms are solid.

Really slick i like it. Is that conky or torsmo on the bottom?

Yes, it is conky with the crillee font. That way I got also a clock (one less thing to load in memory). If someone want to take a look at the code I will upload up the config somewhere (if I find place to) once it is finished (i started this evening). Anyway there is not any big secret in this config, the look is going to continue that way, I dont think im gonna put any more visuals in the interface, well, maybe a mixer applet. I just need to do some more cleaning, port the icon theme to reinhardt (that will suit perfectly with the theme, much better than the icons that i use now).

I want to make some improvement in the thumbnail function. I have also to work a bit more the icons and miniicons defs for all the apps, and make a recopilation with the links to all the apps in my config. The main concern with this theme is, not to load any module unless it is necesary. In fact, theres no fvwmbuttons, the only mod that I load on startup is fvwmpager. The geometry is worked on an app basis, rather than a fvwmbuttons layout. The colors in the terms has been also calculated, they work well in normal mode and in the programs that I have tried in curses mode. Still, I have to polish them.

There is a lot of work to do still… This has all been done from scratch this evening and now im gonna sleep, i cant theme anymore today. :smiley:

I would really like to take a peek at your menu style and your cool conkyrc file.

Well, here they are if you want to take a look. I stripped down comments and such:

background no
use_xft yes
#xftfont Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:size=8:style=bold
xftfont Crillee:size=8.5
on_bottom yes
xftalpha 1
update_interval 1.0
total_run_times 0
own_window no
own_window_transparent no
own_window_colour black
double_buffer yes
minimum_size 5 5
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
stippled_borders 0
border_margin 0
border_width 0
default_color white
default_shade_color black
default_outline_color black
alignment bottom_left
gap_x 4
gap_y 0
no_buffers yes
uppercase no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 2
override_utf8_locale no
use_spacer yes
${color steelblue}CPU ${color grey30}$cpu% ${color grey30}${color steelblue}RAM ${color grey30}$mem ${color steelblue}Swp ${color grey30}$swap ${color steelblue}- Down ${color grey30}${downspeed ppp0}ks ${color steelblue}Up ${color grey30}${upspeed ppp0}ks ${color grey30}${color steelblue}- Root ${color grey30}${fs_used /}/${fs_size /} ${color steelblue}Var ${color grey30}${fs_used /var}/${fs_size /var}${color steelblue} Home ${color grey30}${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home}${color steelblue} Portage ${color grey30}${fs_used /usr/portage}/${fs_size /usr/portage}${color steelblue} - Temp ${color grey30}${i2c temp 2}C${color steelblue} MB:${color grey30}${i2c temp 1}C ${color steelblue}FAN ${color grey30}${i2c fan 1}rpm - .: ${color darkgreen}$time :.

The thing below “TEXT” is on a single line, of course. The only weird thing is that, with such font, when the system is busy and the numbers change the whole line “dance” around. A monootype font would suit better, but for the time being this will do the task while I find another font.

The menu relevant settings are these:

Colorset  30 Translucent grey80 40, bg grey20, fg grey75 #Menus
Colorset  31 bg grey20, fg white			#Menu active element
MenuStyle "*" Hilight3DOff
MenuStyle "*" HilightBack
MenuStyle "*" ActiveFore
MenuStyle "*" MenuColorset 30
MenuStyle "*" ActiveColorset 31
MenuStyle "*" ItemFormat "%2.s%.4|%.4i%l%5.5>%4.|"
MenuStyle "*" SidePic $[fvwm_home]/sidepic.png
MenuStyle "*" SideColor #333333
MenuStyle "*" Font "Shadow=1 0:xft:Crillee:size=8:encoding=iso10646-1"
MenuStyle "*" PopupOffset -40 100
MenuStyle "*" PopupImmediately
MenuStyle "*" PopdownImmediately
MenuStyle "*" BorderWidth 0
MenuStyle "*" SeparatorsLong
MenuStyle "*" TrianglesSolid
MenuStyle "*" VerticalItemSpacing  0 0
MenuStyle "*" Animation

sidepic.png is a picture of 4x4 pixels, filled with the solid color #333333, wich is a very dark grey, I think that in X list is is grey20, or something around that. So, that is the color that I use also in SideColor. If you want to change the color just edit the image, fill it with another color and then change Sidecolor acordingly. This is done because fvwm does not fill a sidecolor unless a sidepic is present. I think that’s all.[/code]

EDIT: I changed a bit the menu colosets to improve readability, overall when the menu opens over a term. Too much transparency is nice but useless for everyday’s work.

Colorset 30 Translucent white 75, bg grey80, fg grey75 #Menus Colorset 31 bg grey75, fg grey35
I also changed managed to merge the reinhardt iconset into my config. Nice iconset for my tastes, more info on Leinir’s page:
And thanks goes to him :wink:

At last, im happy with the menu, that was the thing that was bothering me the most. Ive found the menu of my file, a shot, in case someone cares:

Thanks for the info above! I agree your new menu is very nice.


Can you post your config for your latest please?

Actually, I dropped that config in favor of the one who I posted here:

I think that a strange disaster wiped the tarball with that config out of my hd, I will look if I have a tarball in some backup if you are interested. But that config is pretty easy to do.

A tip: you can “almost” emulate that config by using the new theme in that link. Download it, install and then, from the config menu, choose the right menu alignment (I think it is still by default), the wallpaper, the “6thpink.deco” decoration, the grey colorscheme (it is exactly the same decos and scheme that is this deco). Then, if you want a closer approximation, just create an empy .panel file (for example empty.panel) and put the pager configuratio there), put that file into the panels dir and choose it from the panels config menu. That will take rid of the bars and put a pager like in this old deco.

If you wait some days I will make a theme to emulate this under my new theme engine. Suggestions are wellcome. :wink:

Well, it seems that somedays passes instantly, I will polish this to put it in the next update, but for now you can use this (and modify it if you want):

SetEnv margin.l		"0"
SetEnv margin.r		"0"
SetEnv margin.t		"0
SetEnv margin.b		"15
EwmhBaseStruts $[margin.l] $[margin.r] $[margin.t] $[margin.b]

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmTaskbar: *

Style "FvwmTaskbar" NoTitle, Sticky, !Borders, !Iconifiable, FixedSize, \
    FixedPosition, WindowListSkip, StaysOnBottom, CirculateSkip, !Handles, \
    NeverFocus, Borderwidth 0, HandleWidth 0 

*FvwmTaskbar: Frame 0
*FvwmTaskbar: Colorset $[CS_Taskbar1]
*FvwmTaskbar: Rows 4
*FvwmTaskbar: Columns 8
*FvwmTaskbar: (1x1, Padding 0 0, Swallow (NoClose, UseOld) "wmPop3" `Exec $[fvwm_home]/wmpop/wmpop -c ~/.pop.pop1 &> /dev/null`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (1x1, Padding 0 0, Swallow (NoClose, UseOld) "wmPop3" `Exec $[fvwm_home]/wmpop/wmpop -c ~/.pop.pop2 &> /dev/null`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (6x4, Padding 0 0, Frame 0, Swallow 'FvwmPager' `Module FvwmPager`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (1x1, Padding 0 0, Icon "resources.png", ActiveIcon "resources-bright.png", PressIcon "resources-bright-pushed.png", Panel (steps 0, delay 0) 'FvwmHTopPanel' `Module FvwmButtons -g 550x180-3000-3000 FvwmHTopPanel`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (1x1, Padding 0 0, Icon "enter-command.png", ActiveIcon "enter-command-bright.png", PressIcon "enter-command-bright-pushed.png", Panel (steps 0, delay 0) 'FvwmLauncherPanel' `Module FvwmButtons -g 200x70-3000-3000 FvwmLauncherPanel`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (2x1, Padding 0 2, Swallow 'FvwmScript-Volume' `FvwmScript $[fvwm_scripts]/FvwmScript-Volume`, \
    Action (Mouse 2) `Exec urxvt -e alsamixer -V playback`, \
    Action (Mouse 3) `Exec amixer set Master toggle`, \
    Action (Mouse 5) `Function user_DecreaseVolume 3`, \
    Action (Mouse 4) `Function user_IncreaseVolume 3`)
*FvwmTaskbar: (2x1, Padding 0 2, Swallow "FvwmScript-Temperature" `Module FvwmScript $[fvwm_scripts]/FvwmScript-Temperature`)
Module FvwmButtons -g 200x92-12-$[margin.b] FvwmTaskbar

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmHTopPanel: *

Style "FvwmHTopPanel" NoTitle, Sticky, !Iconifiable, FixedSize, \
    WindowListSkip, StaysOnTop, CirculateSkip, \
    NeverFocus, Borderwidth 1, HandleWidth 1

*FvwmHTopPanel: Frame 0
*FvwmHTopPanel: Back grey95
*FvwmHTopPanel: Rows 1
*FvwmHTopPanel: Columns 1
*FvwmHTopPanel: (1x1, Swallow (NoClose, UseOld, Respawn) "htop" `Exec $[fvwm_scripts]/htop-script`)

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmLauncherPanel: *

Style "FvwmLauncherPanel" NoTitle, Sticky, !Iconifiable, FixedSize, \
    WindowListSkip, StaysOnTop, CirculateSkip, \
    NeverFocus, Borderwidth 1, HandleWidth 1

*FvwmLauncherPanel: Frame 0
*FvwmLauncherPanel: Colorset $[CS_Taskbar2]
*FvwmLauncherPanel: Rows 1
*FvwmLauncherPanel: Columns 1
*FvwmLauncherPanel: (1x1, Colorset $[CS_Taskbar1], Swallow (NoClose, UseOld, Respawn) "Run" `Exec $[fvwm_scripts]/run-dialog &> /dev/null`)

Module FvwmEvent FvwmPopPanelEvent
*FvwmPopPanelEvent: StartDelay 3
*FvwmPopPanelEvent: Cmd Function
*FvwmPopPanelEvent: map RelocatePanel

DestroyFunc RelocatePanel
AddToFunc RelocatePanel
+ I ThisWindow (FvwmPanel|FvwmLauncherPanel|FvwmHTopPanel) AnimatedMove -0p +$[margin.t]p
+ I ThisWindow (Run_Standalone) AnimatedMove 50 50
+ I ThisWindow (Run_Standalone) Focus

DestroyModuleconfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager: Geometry -3000-3000
*FvwmPager: Balloons
*FvwmPager: MiniIcons
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: DeskHilight
*FvwmPager: WindowBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: BalloonColorset * $[CS_PagerBalloon]
*FvwmPager: Colorset * $[CS_Pager]
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset * $[CS_PagerHi]
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets $[CS_PagerWinActive] $[CS_PagerWinInactive]
*FvwmPager: BalloonFont $[ThemeFont]
*FvwmPager: Font None
*FvwmPager: SolidSeparators

If you use the theme in the link, just put this in a new file called “minimal.panel” under the dir ~/.fvwm/panels, and then select that file from the config menu. It is pretty similar to the config of the pager in the white theme. The only change are some applets that I added (you might want to take them off) and the destops layout (mine is 3x2 now while that white theme was for a 4x1 layout).[/code]

EDIT: If you want the conky in the bottom as in the screenies you will need to put that yourself. I no longer run conky as default in the config. That is pretty easy to figure out and the config for conky is above in this thread if you need it as a starting point.