A big thanks to ThomasAdam and all who helped me out!`

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who had the patience and took the time to consider my questions as I made my first rather clumsy way through the various resources, man pages and configs available here and at the home page.

I want to thank Thomas especially for his apparently tireless attention to this forum and everyone else who helped.

I have a very attractive (to me :wink: ) minimalist environment that is perfect for all my VM work - it is light enough on resources that it is the perfect backdrop for launching into VMs for customer demos and development, while being functional and attractive enough for me to use for web, mail, vi, gimp and ethereal etc… I have drawn from everyone elses work and my config is rather messy and, no doubt for most, completely unfinished (there are lots of functions that I havn’t bothered to research and implement that initially occured to me) but I have enjoyed applying the rule of thumb suggested by Nick Fortune in his excellent “config from scratch” tutorial that I would only research and implement features that really annoy me or bug me enough to want to fix and I have come to a state which I can happily live with.

Thanks all for this excellent resource ad supporting an awesome wm.


You’re welcome, Will.

– Thomas Adam

yes , you’re welcome …
Where do we send the bill ? :smiling_imp:

Heh. I don’t want any payment.

– Thomas Adam