A chance for documentation?

hey all

i was just wondering if it would be a nice idea to throw some questions into the open for people to answer. i really would wanna know about the following but can’t find much about it. i’m kinda hoping the answers would be more documentation than a direct answer. what i wanna see is:

  • the process fvwm goes thru to load my file - can it really be that its just my ~/.fvwm/config file which gets read only?

  • How fvwm loads and creates a window.

  • tips for cool fvwmevent things.



oh, and if whoever decides to write one of those up puts their name to it, thatd be cool so i know who to talk to.

It’s not, see:

mail-archive.com/fvwm@lists. … 16007.html
mail-archive.com/fvwm-worker … 15571.html
forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-41 … ml#4146654

Hmm. See: viewtopic.php?p=9125#p9125


I realise I’ve not done as you asked. I’ll let someone collate all this together to do with as they see fit.

– Thomas Adam