A dynamic button in the panel


Now, I don’t know if someone did this before, I would like to have a button in my panel that display an icon to launch an application.

When I would scroll over that icon, it would dinamically change the icon launcher and display the next icon. This way, I could have a small panel with several icons available through the scroll button of the mouse.

Is it possible?



I’ve got a script in the from-scratch stuff acts as a button and handles a number of different apps. It changes the icon by itself every few seconds, but if you need to, you can Mouse3 on it and and cycle the changes faster.

When you say “scroll”, I assume you mean using the mouse wheel. Mouse wheel events are translated into mouse events, so you should be able to use them to spin the icon contents. Spin may prove to be the operative word though, since I have no idea how many “clicks” a casual spin of the wheel generates.

Still, best of luck with it


I didn’t read that far the first time I parsed your post…

I never used FvwmScript. So I guess that I put the perl script in my path but what about the FvwmScrip? Is is just like a regular script except that you have to invoke it from .fvwm2rc? So I guess that I also put this one in my path…

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


The script goes in $FVWM_USERDIR. You invoke it as

[code]AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Module FvwmScript YourScriptName[/code]

Then the script module runs the script. The perl does want to go in your bin, though