A few things left to do...


my config is almost ready. But there are still a few things to be done. Maybe you can help me figuring this out:

  1. I changed the Buttons (Windows Decorations) with some of the nano-gui Style. But my Sticky and my Close-Button dont Work. When I push the Close Button, nothing happens. The Sticky-Button shows the FvwmIdentify output.

  2. I want the menu to appear when I press the right mouse button. Whis is already working. But it still appears when i push the left mouse Button. I can’t find anything about this in my config file :frowning:

2b) edit: I want to the Maximize-Button to maximize/minimize vertical when i push it using the middle mouse button, and to maximize/minimize horizontal using the right mouse button…

  1. The Mouse-Cursor changes into an large i when the mouse is over an X application. e.g. the xterm. Can I disable this?

Last but not least… the transient windows… I click File->Save As in the Opera web browser… The save as Window is not displayed on the same screen as the Opera webbrowser. It is displayed always one desktop under the current… I dont know how to explain this better (because of my bad english too), but Im looking for a possibility to tell fvwm, to open the transient windows on the same screen as the parent…

Thats all.

My config is here

Thanks a lot,

you are so fast in answering and so helpful.


EDIT: inserted vertical & horizontal max/min problem…

Your Mouse bindings are wrong, find the bindings that correspond to those buttons and change them to the correct button numbers, eg Mouse 0 1 N Foo is for button 1.

You mean on the root window? try adding

Mouse 1 R A -

Then make seperate bindings for buttons 1, 2, 3 on the button, this should be easy.

Fvwm doesnt control what cursors your applications request…xterm is asking the x server for that cursor. You can tell xterm not to request it, eg xterm -xrm 'XTerm*pointerShape: gumby', but that’s nothing to do with fvwm.