A problem with Raising and Focusing

Hi, dear friends.

I have the following instructions in my ~/.fvwmrc

DeskTopSize 2x2
Key F1		A	M	MyGotoPage 0 0
Key F2		A	M	MyGotoPage 1 0
Key F3		A	M	MyGotoPage 0 1
Key F4		A	M	MyGotoPage 1 1

AddToFunc MyGotoPage "I" GotoPage $0 $1
+ "I" Next [CurrentPage !Iconic] FlipFocus
+ "I" Prev [CurrentPage !Iconic] Focus
+ "I" Current [CurrentPage !Iconic] Raise

The main function of the code is:
When I press ALT + F(1-4), it will switch to Page (1-4), and keep the situation of previous page (ie, focus, window order, etc) unchanged.

The problem is:
For example, there’re 2 windows on page 1 (an xterm and a gvim), and there’s a Mozilla on page 2.
I’m now on page 1 with ‘xterm’ get focus and raised, when I press Alt+F2, I goto the Page 2 and Mozilla get focus and raised, fine. Then I press Alt+F1 to move back to Page 1, but the ‘gvim’ get focused(xterm has lost its focus), although ‘xterm’ get raised on Page 1.

Any idea?
I use an old version of fvwm 2.2.5

If the only reason you’re using FVWM version 2.2.X is because you’re using OpenBSD, my condolences, and I suggest you upgrade to 2,5,21 (at the time of writing.)

You’re not going to find anyone here but I who can help you with FVWM 2.2.X in general, since most people here only know 2.5.X – sad really. That said, the 2.2.X versions were long since obsoleted by FVWM, so I’m supporting you with it, only because I want to.

Except of course, it won’t. And I don’t quite see why you care what happens on the previous page, either?

That’s due to how the window-ring is implemented, and it’s working exactly as you asked it to. What you’re probably seeing is the the window you’re expecting to have raised doesn’t have focus.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your help.