A simple one, all within Buttons

with a MaxOS-X theme from gnome.


url doesnt work m8

I can.
I give another
my.opera.com/eexpress/homes/albu … -09-28.png

Everything is nice except the ugly xclock
Try some transparent clock instead.

Another thing is, do you find a way to make true type chinese work in FVWM?

i have a clock written by myself, only text display. :laughing:

if you means true type font? here i simple used an simsun(ms), for it is an easy solution to blod font.

I meant when you specify the font in fvwm, do you use “xft:…” or something like “----simsun--”.
I found somehow “xft:” font only works in ISO encoding. If you use gb2312, it shows as garbage charactors.

Good to have a Chinese fvwm user !

SetEnv RegularFont “xft:simsun:size=9:encoding=iso10646-1”

but i do not use this. for i used a gnome themes(Mac). so i add gnome-settings-daemon excuted when boot.

another machine works with server+fvwm, i modified .xinitrc. but now i forgot which had been changed in this file.