A way to read messages to TTY within fvwm

I’ve been playing with the “wall” and “write” unix commands. These are the ones which broadcast messages to terminals. What I would like to do, is be able to see these messages in FVWM without having to have a terminal open

Now, on my system I have the following users logged in
dennisk tty1 15:10 1:28m 1:53 4.69s fvwm3
dennisk pts/0 16:38 2.00s 0.17s 0.17s zsh

There is a tty, tty1 occupied by fvwm3, the other is a terminal running ZSH.

Is there a way to intercept the messages that are sent to tty1? I’d like to be able to capture them, identify any broadcast messages and retransmit then via notify-send. There is a program called “xwrited” that can do this, sort of, by creating a new pts and monitoring that, but I’m curious if there is a way to do this within FVWM itself. Essentially, I’m seeing if there is a way I can shoehorn xwrited into FVWM itself.

xconsole might help…