about arabic text in window titlebars

Hi there!

I have to present a GUI in arabic language in a fvwm2-environment. The GUI is done with Qt, which works great so far.

The last problem, that i can’t figure out is on how to configure fvwm to display arabic characters in the window-frame titlebar. If I open a new window, which has an arabic title only strings like “??? ??? ??” are showed, instead of the arabic text with the arabic characters.
I already installed the arabeyes bitmap-font into the x11-font-dir, but this didn’t changed anything.
Please can you help me, how to force fvwm2 to display non-latin characters like arabic ones, or give me a hint where I can find useful informagtion about this I18N-topic?

thanx & greetz, ben

This will probably depend on what LOCALES you have set. Can you provide more information about that? i.e.:

echo $LANG

– Thomas Adam

$LANG is de_DE@euro

Yes, this doesnt seem correct, right? What i have to do for arabic? is this var the magic-switch?

Which distro are you using?

– Thomas Adam

it is a SUSE 9.0

Any ideas to get arabic working?

Maybe this is not the correct forum-section for this question?

It is, but as the saying goes: “Patience is a Virtue”. We’re all volunteers here – including myself. People reply as and when to a topic, presumably because they: a) Like the subject, b) Know the answer (or something approximate to it.) and c) HAVE the time to do so. You haven’t been “forgotten” about, but please don’t impose unneccessary follow ups that have an aire of demand about them.

In SuSE’s YaST tool somewhere, you can change the Locale settings. I don’t remember where. The last time I used SuSE was at version 6.4 – and things are bound to have changed since then. Have a poke around, and see what you can find.

– Thomas Adam.

hi guys,

maybe you are interested in this, maybe not then sorry about this:
I got arabic working in FVWM2! As thomas already mentoined it was the LOCALE, which was not setup correctly:

For arabic (united arabic emirates version), set

export LANG=ar_AE.UTF-8

before you start FVWM2, and then you can use arabic, for example in the window-titlebars. Together with Qt, which is also arbaic-compliant, you can write completely arabic applications!

Ok I hope this will help someone ever,

thanx & greetz,