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I am using the MwmDecor style option for every window, so that I don’t have to cope with titlebars on xmms and others!

I defined some MwmDecor* buttons but there is something that I find annoying as a hell, on certain transient windows (i.e. the font color in ooffice) the close button is not displayed, only window menu button is displayed. This is definitively annoying and I do not know how to force it to be displayed (what is what I would like). Moreover, no MwmDecor* button style has been defined for this button…

Any idea?

Best regards, Brice

Are you referring to this:

Style * DecorateTransient

There are conditions where a transient window (even with the above supplied) will set various hints for a window NOT to show buttons that a DecoratedTransient window normally would.

– Thomas Adam


I am not referring to this my transient windows have titlebar but they miss the close button.

Here is my config:

[code]Style * Font “Shadow=0 1 SE:xft:Sans:style=Bold:pixelsize=11”, OLDecor, HandleWidth $[HW]
Style * Colorset 0, HilightColorset 1, MwmDecor, MwmFunctions, BorderWidth $[BW], HintOverride
Style * IconBox 84 80 884 100, IconGrid 80 80, IconFill right top, IconBox 264 660 884 680, IconGrid 80 80, IconFill right top
Style * WindowShadeSteps 0, DecorateTransient

  • ButtonStyle 1 - MwmDecorMenu
  • ButtonStyle 3 - MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 4 - MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 5 - MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 6 - MwmDecorMin

Button 1: menu, 2: close, 3: max vertically, 4: max, 5: max horizontally, 6: iconify

Only the menu button is displayed on certain transient window (another example is the about window of xmms). I tried to put MwmDecorMenu for the second button but it didn’t change something.
Moreover if I removed this definitions (MwmDecor* buttonstyle), the buttons 2 and 4 are not displayed, the others are.

I am definitively getting headaches…


Can you be a little more specific? That is, post your whole config, and a screenshot?

– Thomas Adam


eeeuuuuhhhhhhhhh how to say that, my config is a monolithic file (more than 1800 lines with the comments), so eventually I can cut and paste it but for the screenshot, I don’t have any way of putting something online… so no idea for that!

Best regards, Brice

YOu could use imageshack.us/ if you want to put some pictures online :wink:

It’s amazing what sleep does. As Tavis mentioned look at the NoFuncHint option.

– Thomas Adam

Hu ? Why taviso delete his post ? :open_mouth:

I think something happened when the thread got moved. Bugger.

Sorry Tavis. :confused:

– Thomas Adam.

the trick of taviso do not work…

NoFuncHint is the opposite of MwmFunctions, but the buttons are managed by MwmDecor.

So at the moment, I don t see the purpose of MwmFunctions.

I try to post a screenshot this evening.

Cheers, Brice

Here it is:

when the MwmDecor are activated as well as the MwmFunctions:

when I comment out the MwmDecor* button style I get

:blush: I was too fast… sorry

If I remove the style MwmFunctions, MwmDecor I get the 6 buttons on these windows but of course I will have to defined thousands of custom states for specific applications.

If either MwmDecor or MwmFunctions is specified I have the first example.

Best regards,


I got it!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I took time to look at the default Fvwm95 config, and the trick is:

[code]+ ButtonStyle 1 - Clear MwmDecorMenu

  • ButtonStyle 2 - Clear
  • ButtonStyle 3 - Clear MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 4 - Clear MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 5 - Clear MwmDecorMax
  • ButtonStyle 6 - Clear MwmDecorMin

so add this “clear” style to the buttonstyle! Now, I have this menu button and the close button on the windows subject to MwmFunctions, so so so cool!!!

Cheers, Brice

I’m having the same issue:

Style * MWMFunctions, MWMDecor
Style * DecorateTransient

Transient windows don’t have the decor buttons (close). The problem is with transient windows that don’t have a close/ok button.

How do I add the Clear flag to these settings?

DestroyDecor Default
AddToDecor Default
+ TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 32
+ TitleStyle Colorset 3 -- Flat
+ ButtonStyle 1 AllActive (MiniIcon) AllInactive (MiniIcon)
+ ButtonStyle 2 ActiveUp (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/close_active_up.png) \
                ActiveDown (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/close_active_down.png) \
                Inactive (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/close_inactive.png) \
+ ButtonStyle 4 ActiveUp (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/max_active_up.png) \
                ActiveDown (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/max_active_down.png) \
                Inactive (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/max_inactive.png)
+ ButtonStyle 6 ActiveUp (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/min_active_up.png) \
                ActiveDown (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/min_active_down.png) \
                Inactive (Pixmap $[infostore.mDecors]/$[infostore.mDecor]/min_inactive.png)
+ ButtonStyle All -- Flat UseTitleStyle
+ BorderStyle Colorset 3 -- Flat HiddenHandles NoInset


Edit: this works

+ ButtonStyle 2 - Clear